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2017 Live Teaching Series - Bro. Larry Allen on the Resurrection

Bro. Larry Allen teaching on the subject of the resurrection from Gospel Chapel on March 11th & [...]

Our New Pastor Chad Neptune - 2017

Bro. Chad Neptune was ordained on December 30, 2016 as the new full-time pastor of Gospel Chapel. We[...]

Announcement: Bro. Kannady's Retirement Party Invitation

INVITATION FOR EVERYONE: Bro. Doug Kannady has announced that he is retiring as the Pastor at Dallas[...]

Listen to "Sounds of Victory" Bro. Greg Howell & Family Tape Re-master

We still miss Sis. Glenda Howell very much and want to honor her for the years she spent giving her [...]

2017 New Body of Christ Chorus “Let’s Get It Right”


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