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Listen to “Sounds of Victory” Bro. Greg Howell & Family Tape Re-master

We still miss Sis. Glenda Howell very much and want to honor her for the years she spent giving her gift to the Lord. We still sing these songs here in the Dallas church & we still love to hear Bro. Howell sing.  This album was released back in the 80’s I believe.  – Chad Neptune



The Watson Family – Tape Remastered!

This photo was taken while they were pastoring in Dallas

This tape is so great… I love to hear Sis. Watson singing these songs.  It brings back so many memories for me as a child growing up here in Dallas.  We still love Bro. Watson and I hope he likes the re-master I did.  You can hear the voices much better than on the original tapes (praise God for technology).


Album – “The Watson Family”

  • Singers: Bro. Billy Watson & his wife Sis. Katherine Watson, Carl Watson,  Glenda Milner, Mark Milner.
  • Guitar, Bass, & Harmonica: Lesley Modisette (I think he did harmonica??)
  • Drums: I think it was Bro. Jones son from Houston
  • Recorded by: Lesley Modisette
  • Year: Unknown – I think it was around 1994-96? If someone needs post a reply and I’ll update this

more photos….

Bro and Sister Watson in Wichita, KS Watson Family


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*MUSIC DOWNLOAD* DGC 2010 Easter Meeting Music Downloads

We have had several requests for the music from the DGC 2010 meeting so I formatted the songs in .mp3 files for free download.  I have included each song in this one download!  This is all free of course… Enjoy and share with as many people as you’d like.   I have also added these to the DGC Radio Playlist.

Download the File, unzip and listen!

Download DGC 2010 Mp3s SITE 1 (New FASTER Primary Download site)

Download DGC 2010 Mp3s SITE 2 (Download from here)

Here are the 10 songs included in this download (more…)


Listen to “The Potters Wheel” Greg Howell – Tape Remastered

We still miss Sis. Glenda Howell very much and want to honor her for the years she spent giving her gift to the Lord. We still have this tape for sell here in the Dallas church & we still love to hear Bro. Howell sing!



Greg Howell – Sounds of Victory – Tape Album Re-Mastered

This has to be one of my all time favorites tapes… or albums! You won’t these songs sung any better or with any more annointing.  This album has been loaded onto the DGC Radio Station or you can listen to the mp3’s here.  Here is all the information on this Album…

Sounds Of Victory “Continue Steadfastly”

  • Recorded in 1988
  • Piano – Glenda Howell 
  • Organ -Vonda Moran
  • Bass Guitar – Greg Howell
  • Drums – Noel Pearce
  • Recorded at “lake sound” (more…)

Bro. William Whitlow – Looking for the Restoration of the Church

This message was preached by the late Bro. Whitlow on October 22, 1982 in Dallas, Texas.

 He talks on several things, One being his early Christian walk and his search for a people that was working on a restoration of the church. (more…)


Bro. Gidman – New Jerusalem – Audio Archive

This is a message preached by Bro. Gidman on October 22, 1982 (I was 6 months old when he preached this message and I believe I was actually in this service with my parents!) (more…)


Looking for messages and songs from our past….

I have lots and lots of requests for sermons & messages from the years gone by.  I would like to get some help in this quest for messages and songs from our past.  If you have any older VHS or TAPES that have messages that would uplifting and edifying please let me know.  If you have the ability to get these converted to CD or DVD I can take care of the rest.   There (more…)


Bro. Millard Hazelip -1981

Thanks to Bro. David Moore for providing these!

Bro. Millard Hazelip May 12, 1981 Psalms 85:6   1 2

Bro. Millard Hazelip “Ahithophel” (date unknown) 1


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