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A message from Pastor Neptune

(UPDATED 10-04-2019)

As of this update, we have now raised well over $365,000 towards our project and the total continues to grow.  Thank you to those who have given in person, through Paypal, Facebook and to all those who continue to give anonymously… such a blessing! We want you to know we see your donations come through Paypal and on Facebook every single week.Many have asked us about supporting this new endeavor and we have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support already. We’ve had several(multiple in fact) $10,000.00 donations come in just recently and we continue to see confirmations over and over again. Our seven acres located in Terrell, TX has been paid for in cash, all of our civil engineering and constructions plans have been completely paid for in cash and approved with the City of Terrell to move forward.  We want to thank our architect, Jason Jennings for designing an amazing phase one building along with a complete master plan for the entire campus long term. With all that being said, we still have well over $340,000 currently in our building fund and the number is growing exponentially month over month. What an amazing start to our journey to see this vision accomplished.  Please know that every little bit helps and this is going to be a twelve to eighteen month project to complete and have our first service.

If you watch our live stream or feel like we’ve been a blessing in your life and the Lord lays on your heart to give a recurring donation of $5- $10- $20- $50- $100(or more)per month, THESE donations are the ones that are near and dear to our hearts because they give us encouragement week over week that this vision will happen.   We love our children and they are already becoming the next generation and we need a safe Godly environment for these kids to grow up in.  We strive and expect them to become upstanding Christian citizens within our community that will carry the message of the Gospel even further.  When this project is completed, we can tell our children that it was the people of the Body of Christ from across towns, cities, states and nations all over the world that contributed to this local house of worship in Terrell, TX.  Gospel Chapel Church is held in trust by the church itself and we do not look to make profit from sheep that belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are simply put here to serve God’s people as under-shepherds to a flock that will eventually be heirs and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ.

Many have asked what they can do in person (on the ground), but since we are in the city limits, the vast majority of the project will be done by licensed contractors so you can help by partnering with us through a monthly donation.  Use the donate button on this post and you can setup a secure payment(one time or recurring).  All funds taken in for the project will be accounted for and used for this purpose. We want you all to know that Sis. Kim and myself still support the church 100% with our personal tithes and offerings and do not take a salary at this time from Gospel Chapel Church.  We believe and teach in being first partakers of the fruit and leading by example to help make this a reality.  Thank you to everyone who has already donated and continues to support the work here! Remember, you cannot out give the Lord and every donation adds up and helps build the church.  A special thank you to those churches who are sending a collective regular monthly offering to help us build as well.  You can donate through Facebook at our GOSPEL CHAPEL FACEBOOK PAGE or click on the GC/PAYPAL ICON BELOW.

If you feel more comfortable using PayPal for your donation go directly to our Paypal Site:



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