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Friday @ 7:30pm

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1996 Dallas Tent Meeting “Mark Burks – Lord, I Want To Change”

1996 Dallas Tent Meeting – Mark Burks singing – Lord, I Want To Change.  I have uploaded this in the highest quality possible so you can recognize different people in the video.  I am going through the entire meeting and will be uploading lots of different footage from the tent meeting.  If anyone has any requests please let me know! admin@dallasgospelchapel.com

More videos from the 1996 Tent Meeting to come –


Sunday Service JULY 25th, 2010 *Red Letter Day*

This Sunday service was as a red letter day!  Saints were speaking in tongues and praising God in the isles before service ever started! This service is split up into 3 videos for better viewing.  You’ll notice the dots on the player that let’s you skip to different points in the service real-time. This service is posted for all those who couldn’t make it to the service by request – Click post to watch –

Order of Service Video 1 of 3:

  • Songs & Worship
  • Bro. Kannady – Opening
  • Sis. Cheryl Neptune – Testimony & Song “God Has Another Plan”
  • Sis. Patton Testimony (more…)

Bro. Albert Cantor – “Power In The Blood” June 12, 2010

Bro. Albert Cantor preaching from Dallas Gospel Chapel on “Power in the Blood” – June 12th, 2010 –


Sis. Amy Williams Testimony – June 12,2010

Sis. Amy Williams testifying from Dallas Gospel Chapel on Sunday- June 12,2010.  This was a great outpouring of the holy ghost! Click this post to view – (more…)


“The Lust of The Eye” by Ken Kirkpatrick

The Lust of the Eye

                        By Ken Kirkpatrick

What is it? How can we discern it?

I don’t claim to be an authority on this subject.  I just felt to offer some thoughts on a subject so many people give so little attention to.

For those of you who remember the old Andy Griffith TV series, one of the main characters in the series was Barney Fife.  He loved having authority.  He loved and enjoyed getting attention and recognition.  If he ever was in complete authority, he would wreck havoc in the little town of Mayberry.  If he got too much attention or recognition, or if anyone bragged on him the least little bit, his head would swell (ego) so much, his facial expressions (more…)


2010 Summer Chapel Service Video – Worship

Video of our 2010 summer chapel worship service.  Click this post to view



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