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Add those chords everyone seems to know but you!!!

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Print out the Dim7 CHORDS …(3 pgs.) Look at the bottom of this post.

I sat down the other day and thought..how can I help a few people that I’m teaching the piano to? It’s hard to think of ….”what I do”…when I play.

It took me all day long…but I realized that I do certain things over and over and over on the piano…no matter what song. We all do… that play the piano…we learn certain things and use them.  I wanted to make it fun…easy to read…well…I think you get the idea.

My daughter is learning the piano and wanted help and I am helping a few others.   I never had anything that I had written down…now I do. I’m a simple person when it comes to music. I wish I had the technical training that others have. I really shouldn’t wish…they put a LOT of effort into learning and teaching.

I am not not a teacher by any means of the imagination…only to give anyone what I think could help. I  glean from other people and still learn. I am in awe of the abilities that others have. Their abilities faaarrrr surprise mine….but I have been taught to use what you have and share it…then the Lord will give you more…so I’m trying to put that into practice. It’s not fancy…it’s just a simple chord progression (written in 3 pages that I can email anyone who wants it) that I use…and it turns boring into…. wow…I didn’t know I could play something that sounds like that.

I am still working on things myself and continually learning. I only hope that someone can get anything from what I do know….and know that we are all still learning. If someone has anything that could help me…please feel free to pass it on.

Anyways…those are my thoughts….my reasons for making this 3 page info. on dim7 chords.  These are NOT all of the chords that I am sure that could be listed…only the ones that I use regularly did I write down…sorry about that…anyways..

I am new to blogging….I think that I am really going to enjoy this.  I really do enjoy helping anyone that wants to learn as much as I do.   I am hoping to make a few little…and I do mean little…videos on the piano…haha. I pray you can enjoy the music like I have…I love love love to sing and make music for the glory of God. It is so rewarding. May the Lord bless you all!

Sis.  Cheryl Neptune

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