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Beginner Band

Please ,see Bro. Moore if you are interested in learning to read music and play an instrument, we need to work out a schedule where most people can attend. I’m leaning towards Sunday mornings before service around  9:30 twice a month. How many would be able to make it?


New Choir Practice Time schedule


Starting in January 2011;

Choir practise will be held the fisrt and third Sunday evenings.

From 4:30PM to 6:00PM.


Season of the Nativity

The choir has begun the task of learning new songs for the concert that will be held Saturday evening  December 12th at 7:00 in the Dallas Gospel Chapel main auditorium. Our goal is to present the season without using any of the known Carols that are so familiar to everyone. The inspiration has caught on and two sisters are even taking the time to bring in the atmosphere by making us costumes for the concert. We hope to bring in the humanity (more…)


New songs for the holidays

I know it seems early but the holiday season is on it’s way.

As a new choir we need the time to practice.

Come and join us in practicing and let the Lord Bless you and his people.

PS: (more…)


New Choir Schedule

7:45PM – 9:30PM

We will practice on the First , Second, and Third Wednesdays of every month starting July 2009.

The Fourth and Fifth Wednesdays of a month we will not practice.


Getting Ready to Record

The choir will be recording at the church Wednesday May 20th, 2009 . Please, everyone, try to be ready to sing at 7:30. We’ll have a great time! (more…)




Practises are in full swing as we are in the process of recording a CD

and we have several songs to get ready!

See you Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 (more…)


What a wonderful experience!

I wanted to thank everyone for coming to the concert. The choir and band had a great time and are really encouraged.


Easter Concert *NEW UPDATE* 04-02-2009

Make A Note:
Saturday April 11, 2009
At Gospel Chapel 7:00 PM

A Concert reflecting the last days of Christ here upon the earth and what it means to us in this day and time. (more…)


Here is the program as it stands right now

Easter Program 2009

Songs Preformed By     Title

Bro. Lloyd Garrett, Bro. Kenneth Hack, Bro. Kris Mitchell     Scripture Recitals

Bro. Chad Neptune     Rise Again

Sis. Debbie Moore, Sis. Stephanie Wade, Bro. David Moore     Why

Sis. Celia Hack     Via Dolorosa (more…)



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