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New songs for the holidays

I know it seems early but the holiday season is on it’s way.

As a new choir we need the time to practice.

Come and join us in practicing and let the Lord Bless you and his people.

PS: (more…)


DGC Chuckwagon Cookout Photos!

Thanks everyone for coming today! We have a lot of people we got to meet for the first time!  Bless the Lord!  View this post to see all the pictures… We have many many to post tomorrow of Monday (more…)


Dallas Chuck Wagon Cookout and Youth Service

We are officially inviting all of the Texas & Local State Area churches to a Chuck Wagon cook-out on August 22nd, 2009 (yee-haw!!) , softball, dominos tournament, volleyball, followed by an evening Youth Service (letters went out last week to most of the area churches).  We will start at 10:00 AM with outside activities for all ages and then enjoy food all day!  Bro. Ray Martin and Little Ray are cookin’ up sum great food… dutch oven style!  I know for sure they are making some home made cobbler! 

We will send everyone to get cleaned up and ready for church at 3:00 PM and start the Youth Service at 6:00 pm.   

We have service Friday night and would (more…)


UPDATE – Watermelon crew – Interested yet? YOUTH FUNDRAISER

Well…today was great.  As we approached the church we saw the watermelon crew.  You may ask…what is the watermelon crew?  Well, it was some very dedicated young people standing on the corner selling watermelon slices for .50 each.  The watermelon crew made $70.00 selling watermelon slices.  It really was a great day.  As we turned into the church things were buzzing.  Cars were being washed, bar-b-que sandwiches were being sold.  It was a joy just to watch the young people work together.  After all was said and done they made over (more…)


Six Flags Trip is almost here!

I wanted to remind everyone that the Six Flags trip is this coming Wednesday July 15th!  If your name was on the list back in April when the tickets were purchased then your child is already paid for.   If you are not sure if your child was paid for please check with Sis. Mellisa Garrett.  If not then you will need to purchase a ticket at the gate to get into the park.   Here is the original posting with all the necessary information about the trip. (more…)


Family Garage Sale At The Church This Weekend!

We are having a garage sale this Saturday to allow families to make extra money!  All money is kept by those who bring their goods to sell to the public.

Anyone who wants to bring your things to make extra money for your budget in this crazy economy right now can do so and join all the other families at the church this Saturday.  We are coming together to create one large sale that each family can (more…)


Patriotic music presentation

On June 29th at 7:15 there will be a patriotic music presentation in the Mesquite park across from Evan’s Recreation center on Gross Rd. It is usually very very good. We get there about 6:15 to 6:30 to
get a good seat. Bring a fan and water because it is warm although it
is in the shade. You can bring food also if you haven’t had time to eat.
Just to let you know.
Sis. Perry


2009 DGC Lock-In Photos and videos!

We had so much fun last night! I am still so sore I can barely walk up my stairs at the house… I think I actually injured every part of my body last night at least 2 times!  Between, rounding up the kids and playing games we made sure to have a bible study and prayer last.  Here was the message,  “We have to keep Christ in the center of lives and let him lead us know matter how young or old we are.” & I want the kids to remember who their prayer partner is for the summer!  I want to thank all the parents for staying so late and the last child went home about 7:30 am.  We had plenty of pizza leftover which I was glad about because someone I how thought 55 pizza’s from Cici’s would not be enough???? I don’t know what (more…)


Fundraiser for the Little Rock Youth Meeting

On Saturday July 11th,  the young people will be doing a fundraiser at the church.  We will have a car wash & sell BBQ (brisket) sandwiches, chips & drinks.  This fundraiser will be to help with the costs of the Little Rock (more…)


Little Rock Youth Meeting is coming up!

Here is all the info for the Little Rock Youth Meeting:

July 30th – August 1st 2009

Their website is http://www.fgclr.com

Contact Info (more…)


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