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Teaching on “Sowing and Reaping”

You always reap MORE than you sow.

Teaching “The Journey of Forgiveness”


“The Journey of Forgiveness”

  1. We are told about an absolute forgiveness of our sin through the sacrifice Jesus made.
  2. We receive forgiveness of sin.
  3. We experience forgiveness and see the affects of it, in our life.
  4. We develop an attitude of forgiveness towards others through Jesus.
  5. We mature into a Christian who has grown fruit unto the Spirit of Forgiveness.

Published – via GospelChapel.Church

Written by Chad Neptune 06-16-2020


GC Worship Service: Family of A Different Kind

2019 Christmas Concert Full Video HD 1080p

Teaching on “Fallen Angels and the Book of Jude”

Pastor Chad Neptune teaching on the Book of Jude and what fallen angels are in the bible. He takes an in depth look at the what Jude was referring to as he spoke about the condition the church was in at the time he wrote the letter.

*Note* at one hour and two minutes, 1:02:00 into the teaching,  he begins into Jude 1:1 

What Are You NOT Giving to God ”Bro. Matthew Greiner”

“I Can Make it with His Mercy!”

Teaching “Water Baptism” by Bro. Simeon Mwale

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