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Cross Plains Meeting Live & Archived Services

Follow this link to view this General Meeting of the Body of Christ live/archived.

November 3 – 6, 2009

Christian Gospel Temple – Crossplains, TN

Des Moines, IA International Meeting Videos are up!

The Des Moines website has been updated with the 2009 Video’s from there meeting.  Just  follow the link to watch.

Gospel Assembly – Des Moines, IA

-Bro. Chad

Watch the Jerseyville Meeting Live


We are recording these as the stream live.  The feed was turned off for the most part of yesterday so we didn’t get anything. 

– Bro. Chad

Houston 2009 General Meeting

Houston Gospel Assembly Meeting 2009

February 17-20th 2009

Tuesday Night  1 2 3 4

Wednesday Day & Night 1 (both services on one video)

Thursday Day & Night 1 (both services on one video)

Friday Day


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