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Family Garage Sale At The Church This Weekend!

We are having a garage sale this Saturday to allow families to make extra money!  All money is kept by those who bring their goods to sell to the public.

Anyone who wants to bring your things to make extra money for your budget in this crazy economy right now can do so and join all the other families at the church this Saturday.  We are coming together to create one large sale that each family can benefit from to make extra money for going out to eat… wait I mean, to pay bills!  Yes…. pay bills and not go to Outback or On the Border… We hope you stop by early in the morning Saturday and join in or shop for a good deal.  Sis. Mylinda is in Charge and you can email her directly at [email protected]

Starts as soon as you get there!

Don’t forget to bring small cash for shopper’s change (bills & silver), as well as sacks and newspaper to wrap & bag purchases.


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