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Jerseyville, IL Ministers Meeting


Post from their homepage:

February 5, 2009

Dear Brother,

We are entering the last days and it speaks to us to earnestly seek the truth and the divine direction needed to fulfill God’s will. We want to invite you to a Minister’s Meeting in Jerseyville, Illinois on the evening of March 31 continuing through April 1, 2, & 3, 2009. We encourage all active Pastors, retired Pastors, and active local ministers to attend. I am confident that we will enter this meeting prayerfully and soberly. We are looking for your arrival with great anticipation.

Beds in homes are limited, so please come prepared to take care of your own lodging. Motels in Jerseyville are limited, so many will be relegated to a twenty minute drive to a motel. Make your reservations for the Jerseyville motels as soon as possible. A complete list of acceptable local motels is included with this invitation.

For general information or lodging needs call:

  • Sis. Shaelynne Sams (618) 604-8350
  • Bro. Paul Wojtysiak (618) 530-0102

For transportation call Bro. Roger Booth (618) 498-4345

We would appreciate and welcome any volunteer help from anyone attending the meeting. To volunteer please call Sis. Peggy Shaw (618) 580-7356. We welcome any help in all departments.

There will be a ladies worship service Thursday, April 2, at:
Godfrey Gospel Tabernacle
St. Ambrose
Godfrey, IL 62035

The service will be at 11:00am-2:00pm. For more information please call Sis. Gina Shaw (618) 946-0850

Yours in His Service

Clyde M. Shaw
Senior Pastor
Samuel S. Shaw

Gospel Assembly Church
601 June St.
Jerseyville, IL 62052
Phone: 618-498-7356

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