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Looking for messages and songs from our past….

I have lots and lots of requests for sermons & messages from the years gone by.  I would like to get some help in this quest for messages and songs from our past.  If you have any older VHS or TAPES that have messages that would uplifting and edifying please let me know.  If you have the ability to get these converted to CD or DVD I can take care of the rest.   There are also several file sharing websites that you can upload the media to and I can pull it off and use it here on the site.  I am really focused on finding more content that the body message and the spirit of the body are coming through.  I believe we need to get back to the foundation of what Bro.  Sowders taught and restoring the church. I know you may have seen or heard what you have in your personal libraby but there may be others who have never heard or seen those messages before.  Feel free to email me chadneptune@allstate.com if you aren’t sure how you can get the content into a format to put it on the web.  There are many resources that will help you get your cd’s or dvd’s onto the internet.  I use Viddler for my videos and I think the service is faster and better than Youtube.  It also isn’t broadcast as mainstream as Youtube and the quality is better.  Checkout this link http://www.viddler.com/help/faq/ to help you get started.

God Bless,

-Bro. Chad



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