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  •       1. Carry Me Through The Storm
  • He’s Still God
  •       2. Just In Time
  •       3. God Holds The Future
  • You’re Not Alone
  • I’m Still Standing
  •       4. How Do I Say Thank You
  •       5. To The Altar I Come To You Lord
  •       6. Will You Follow The Lamb
  • I’ll Try Again
  •       7. I Want To Be Like Jesus
  •       8. I Want To Change
  •       9. Sing The Song Of Moses And The Lamb
  •       10. Dedication(In Memory of Janet Kannady)
  •       11. I Count It A Priviledge

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  1. I thank the Lord everyday for all the beautiful things he’s given us from the heavens to the valleys, What a amazing wonderful God we serve, I thank him for the beautiful voices, and the beautiful songs he’s given some. When I’ve been Very low and in despair, someone let me hear “The Storm” Oh praise God it’s like a tune up for my soul, my oil has been changed and I’m running on preimun, thank you and God for this beautiful song. My husband has been un-employed for 18 months, but God has truly carried us through the storm….Praise him ,praise him

  2. This is the song of all songs. I am also a songwriter and a singer and I am in the process of producing my first Gospel album. God has given me amazing songs over the years, but this one just touches me to the core of my being. This song is so deep and I am touched every time I listen to it. I would love to sing this song on one of my albums with your permission. I will be glad to send you a CD once the album is complete so that you can listen to it. God is doing amazing things in my life. I pray to God that the songs that He has given me touches many as your song has touched me. Feel free to go to Reverbnation to listen to my songs. Be blessed.

  3. Sis. Cathy Hernandez-Brown,
    Feel free to record it. May God richly bless you in your endeavor through your music. If you would, just include the name and copyright so that if anyone would like to record it after they hear it, they would know how to get ahold of me. God bless you!!! Cheryl Neptune

  4. Greetings, sis. Cheryl. I love your songs, they are very uplifting and encouraging. I wanted the lyrics to “will you follow the lamb” I know the chorus, but not so much for the verses. Thanks in advance!

  5. yes, Sis Neptune, I downloaded all the songs and did not buy them… but in defense, I did previously purchase the first two CD’s when I was on the inside looking out. now that I’m out looking in, I needed something familiar, and I am glad to have found your tunes… one day, I’ll pay for the third disc (from my place on the inside).

  6. I found your music by pure accident. My neice,(Acacia) sent me a cd of your “carry me through the storm” about 2 years ago!! Never listened to it until last night…such a blessing I received from your songs. Thank you for using your God given talents.

  7. Germina Faustin: If you would give me your email address I will send you sheet music. Thanks, Sis. Cheryl

    • my email is germina86@gmail.com. sis cheryl I wanted to know if you have all the songs compiled into a songbook. I would not mind purchasing it, I really need it as soon as possible. please contact at your earliest convenience. god bless

  8. Sis, Cheryl, I was sitting here listing to the church CD’s on line and ran across Carry me through the storm. I’m at work and tears rolling down my face. God has certainly blessed you with such a talent. I’m Sis Beverly Craig from Bro. Jesse Urbano’s church. You met me at the meeting in March on the platform. I was helping sing the night you were there. Love listening to all of your song. I carry a heavy burden, that I did turn over to God month’s ago but still lays heavy on my heart. It concern my 7 yr old grand son and we don’t get to see him for many complicated reasons. I pray everyday even though I turned it over. This song touched my heart so. I know that someday he will answer my prayer and my husband and I will be united again with our grandson, we miss him so. Thank you and God Bless You,
    Sis Beverly

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