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Purchase “The Gift” Music CD

the-gift-dove2The Gift

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You can purchase this CD through paypal for $12.00 including shipping




  1. God bless You sis. Cheryl…
    You are such a dedicated instrument to the Body of Christ, your songs have blessed me times and times again. I do pray that God continues to bless your mind with inspirations. I was wondering if you could send me the lyrics to the song called “The Gift”
    God bless!!!

  2. Your music has truly been a blessing to me through the good and bad times. I listen to it on SoundCloud, but I wish I could listen to it in the car. Is there a way to purchase the music on SoundCloud?

    • Hi Tesa, I don’t think there is a way to purchase the music from soundcloud. I usually play soundcloud through the app on my phone inside my vehicle. God Bless! Bro. Chad Neptune

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