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Six Flags Trip is almost here!

I wanted to remind everyone that the Six Flags trip is this coming Wednesday July 15th!  If your name was on the list back in April when the tickets were purchased then your child is already paid for.   If you are not sure if your child was paid for please check with Sis. Mellisa Garrett.  If not then you will need to purchase a ticket at the gate to get into the park.   Here is the original posting with all the necessary information about the trip.

July 15th The big trip of the year!  We will be taking the bus on this trip to Six Flags.  They have multiple rides and shows for all ages.  We are going to need lots of chaperones on this trip and REALLY hope the parents will be able to participate this year in coming.  The park opens at 10:30 AM and we will arrive at the gate by 9:30-9:45 to get through the gates first.  We will not be leaving until 10:00 PM so if you want to leave earlier then plan on driving.

Transportation: We will be leaving at 8:00 AM (sharp) from the church and you need to be at there at 7:30 AM and ready to go.   We are pulling out at 8 o’ clock and if you’re not there then you’ll have to drive to the park (trying to keep forty kids on a bus not going anywhere is crazy!).  We will be taking the bus and probably TWO – 15 passenger vans to get everyone there.  We are going to need a couple of drivers as well.  The kids from ages 3-17 will get priority in the bus to keep them all together.  If you would like to bring your kids in your vehicle and meet us at the gate you are welcome to but PLEASE let me know ahead of time so we can find you.  If you are planning on attending we ask you get a t-shirt so we can locate your children if they decide to go with a particular group.

FEES: Children ages 2 and under are free at the park.  Ages 3-17 will be paid for by your donations and fund raisers.  Your child’s name must be on the list and have the forms signed by May 10th to receive a ticket. Everyone else will be required to pay their own fee.  If you would like to get the group rate of $24.50 per ticket you MUST have your money in by 05-10-2009 because we will be purchasing the tickets by the 05-15-09 to receive the $24.50 price vs. $26.99 per ticket.   You may purchase your tickets at the gate on the morning of the trip at the regular price or whatever price you can get if you find a coupon.

Attire: Again, make sure you bring sun block SPF 35+.   We want to make sure all the kiddos have the Summer T-Shirts on so we can keep everyone in the groups together.

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