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Teaching On The Land of Canaan – Part One & Two

Part One – Introduction to the topic of Canaan’s Land and God’s commandments to Israel prior to coming into their inheritance.



These nations are broken down individually into four basic categories. We look at each Nation in depth:

  1. Definition/Origin of the name
  2. Natural(historical)View/Application
  3. Spiritual Meaning or Implication
  4. Examples for us today
Part Two – An in depth look at each of the SEVEN Nations in Canaan’s Land that were to be conquered by Israel when they came across the Jordan river by Israel(Joshua & Caleb).

Sunday Service – August 8th, 2010

We want to say thank you to all our wonderful visitors and our first time visitors for being with us in worship this Sunday.  We hope this service will be a blessing to your life and help encourage you in your walk with God.  – DGC – CLICK TO WATCH – (more…)


Interesting Video on the Red Sea Crossing

This is a documentary video on The Red Sea Crossing from http://www.arkdiscovery.com/
I don’t know that I’ve ever heard or seen a better thoughts on this subject! Very interesting!

This was contributed by Bob Madera – Thank you!

Click this post to watch… (more…)


Sunday Service Video June 14th, 2009

June 1th, 2009 Service 

Service Summary:

Song: “I Thank You Lord”   Kim Neptune & Krista Perry

Bro. Chad Neptune –  Message – “Christ should be in the center our of lives”

Bro. Perry – Message -“Report on the CampGround”

Testimonies –

Song: He’s in Control (more…)


Bro. William Whitlow – Looking for the Restoration of the Church

This message was preached by the late Bro. Whitlow on October 22, 1982 in Dallas, Texas.

 He talks on several things, One being his early Christian walk and his search for a people that was working on a restoration of the church. (more…)


Bro. Gidman – New Jerusalem – Audio Archive

This is a message preached by Bro. Gidman on October 22, 1982 (I was 6 months old when he preached this message and I believe I was actually in this service with my parents!) (more…)


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