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Episode 6: Five New Spiritual Senses

In Episode 6, recorded on May 10, 2019 from Gospel Chapel church, Pastor Neptune delivered a message about how we use our spiritual senses.  Did you know that when you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with other tongues(as is recorded in the New Testament Book of Acts), that you receive five new spiritual senses?  Remember, Jesus mentions this OVER and OVER in the new testament. He says, “Having eyes, to see the see not, having ears to hear they hear not”?  Can YOU hear what the spirit is saying to the church today in 2019?  Listen as he shares his experiences and explains how we elevate those spiritual senses to be sensitive to the Lord.


Episode 2: Charity Vs. Hypocrisy with Reverend Douglas Kannady

In Episode 2: “Charity Vs. Hypocrisy” Pastor Neptune sits down with Reverend Douglas Kannady to talk about the true meaning of charity and how we grow out of a state of back and forth hypocrisy and into a full relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Teaching On Revelation 11 – Bro. Larry Allen


2017 Live Teaching Series – Bro. Larry Allen on the Resurrection

Bro. Larry Allen teaching on the subject of the resurrection from Gospel Chapel on March 11th & 12th 2017.

Message 1 of 3

Message 2 of 3

Message 3 of 3


I Feel Something A Way Down In My Soul – Cheryl Neptune 2005

Worship Leader Cheryl Neptune singing from Dallas Gospel Chapel in October of 2005.

I Feel Something A Way Down In My Soul


Elbert Hack Testimony from January 2006

Elbert Hack’s personal testimony from Dallas Gospel Chapel in January 2006


DGC – Videos – Friday Night Service November 12, 2010

Video of Dallas Gospel Chapel’s Friday service on November 12, 2010.  How blessed we were to have so many wonderful visitors!  The Spirit of God moved so strong worship lasted for over 3 hours!  We had to edit some of the service just to fit into 3 videos because the service did not end until almost midnight!   Make sure you are somewhere that people don’t mind you praising the Lord because this service will stir your holy ghost up!

If you are new to our site we want to remind everyone that our services are not planned.  We list out the order of service for you so you’ll be able to navigate through the videos a little easier since the services can be several hours long.

Order of Service Video 1 of 3:

  •  DGC Band: I Adore You Lord
  • Sis. Cheryl Neptune – “Where Would I Be Without Jesus”
  • Bro. Kannady – Welcoming Visitors
  • Bro. John Reed from Mill Shoals, Ill -“Pictures in the Word of God & song His Grace is Sufficient for Me”
  • Bro. Tim Hughes from Elkton, KY – Message -“A Word Fitly Spoken” (more…)

Cross Plains Meeting Live & Archived Services

Follow this link to view this General Meeting of the Body of Christ live/archived.

November 3 – 6, 2009

Christian Gospel Temple – Crossplains, TN


Des Moines, IA International Meeting Videos are up!

The Des Moines website has been updated with the 2009 Video’s from there meeting.  Just  follow the link to watch.

Gospel Assembly – Des Moines, IA

-Bro. Chad


Add those chords everyone seems to know but you!!!

PRINTING INFO:  Scroll to the TOP of page 1 to be able to print out the 3 pages.  Thanks.

Print out the Dim7 CHORDS …(3 pgs.) Look at the bottom of this post.

I sat down the other day and thought..how can I help a few people that I’m teaching the piano to? It’s hard to think of ….”what I do”…when I play.

It took me all day long…but I realized that I do certain things over and over and over on the piano…no matter what song. We all do… that play the piano…we learn certain things and use them.  I wanted to make it fun…easy to read…well…I think you get the idea.

My daughter is learning the piano and wanted help and I am helping a few others.   I never had anything that I had written down…now I do. I’m a simple person when it comes to music. I wish I had the technical training that others have. I really shouldn’t wish…they put a LOT of effort into learning and teaching.

I am not not a teacher by any means of the imagination…only to give anyone what I think could help. I  glean from other people and still learn. I am in awe of the abilities that others have. Their abilities faaarrrr surprise mine….but I have been taught to use what you have and share it…then the Lord will give you more…so I’m trying to put that into practice. It’s not fancy…it’s just a simple chord progression (written in 3 pages that I can email anyone who wants it) that I use…and it turns boring into…. wow…I didn’t know I could play something that sounds like that.

I am still working on things myself and continually learning. I only hope that someone can get anything from what I do know….and know that we are all still learning. If someone has anything that could help me…please feel free to pass it on.

Anyways…those are my thoughts….my reasons for making this 3 page info. on dim7 chords.  These are NOT all of the chords that I am sure that could be listed…only the ones that I use regularly did I write down…sorry about that…anyways..

I am new to blogging….I think that I am really going to enjoy this.  I really do enjoy helping anyone that wants to learn as much as I do.   I am hoping to make a few little…and I do mean little…videos on the piano…haha. I pray you can enjoy the music like I have…I love love love to sing and make music for the glory of God. It is so rewarding. May the Lord bless you all!

Sis.  Cheryl Neptune

PRINTING:  Scroll to the TOP of page 1 for the entire document to print correctly.  Thanks.


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