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GC Bible Study – “Teaching on the Man Image”

GC Worship Service – “With The High Praises”

Episode 11: “Be Strong and Courageous”

In Episode 11, recorded on July, 21 2019 at Gospel Chapel church, Pastor Neptune teaches on Joshua Chapter One, verse nine “Being Strong and Courageous.” He explains what it means to be strong in the Lord, live courageously and how to fight fear in our lives.  He shows why God commanded the children of Israel to embody these characteristics and how we apply them to our lives today. Remember, choose YOU this day who you will serve. Let’s listen in!

Teaching “Water Baptism” by Bro. Simeon Mwale

Teaching On The Land of Canaan – Part One & Two

Part One – Introduction to the topic of Canaan’s Land and God’s commandments to Israel prior to coming into their inheritance.


These nations are broken down individually into four basic categories. We look at each Nation in depth:

  1. Definition/Origin of the name
  2. Natural(historical)View/Application
  3. Spiritual Meaning or Implication
  4. Examples for us today
Part Two – An in depth look at each of the SEVEN Nations in Canaan’s Land that were to be conquered by Israel when they came across the Jordan river by Israel(Joshua & Caleb).

His Name Is Jesus by Cheryl Neptune

Cheryl Neptune singing from Dallas Gospel Chapel on January 6, 2013.
His Name Is Jesus

You Are My All In All – Millie Saenz, Kenneth Hack and DGC Choir

Millie Saenz and choir singing from Dallas Gospel Chapel on January 13, 2013.
You Are My All in All


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