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TALENT SHOW – August 11th


August 11th at 6:00 p.m. at Gospel Chapel. Tickets are $2.00 for pre-sale $3.00 at the door. (Only adults have to buy a ticket)

The Sunday school is having a fund raiser.  They are presenting a talent show on August 11th at Gospel Chapel.  Ages 17 & under will be participating.  Everyone join us for an evening of fun.  Below is the information from one of our Sunday School Teacher; Sis. Sara  Click here for more details

I wanted to let all the parents know that in Sunday School we have been practicing some songs we are going to perform at the talent show. The songs are “I go to the Rock of my salvation”, “I want to be like Jesus”, and the girls only are performing “Lord, Purify my heart”. We have been practing them in class but any extra practice time would be great!

Be sure to be practicing your talents and our advanced tickets will be going on sale soon! Thanks for all your support for our kids! It’s much appreciated!!

Please call Sis. Chelsie Lynn Iozzi or myself for any questions. All concession donations or questions can be asked directly to Sis. Missy Garrett
-Sis Sara

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