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The Watson Family – Tape Remastered!

This tape is so great… I love to hear Sis. Watson singing these songs.  It brings back so many memories for me as a child growing up here in Dallas.  We still love Bro. Watson and I hope he likes the re-master I did.  You can hear the voices much better than on the original tapes (praise God for technology).


Album – “The Watson Family”

  • Singers: Bro. Billy Watson & his wife Sis. Katherine Watson, Carl Watson,  Glenda Milner, Mark Milner.
  • Guitar, Bass, & Harmonica: Lesley Modisette, Fred Mclenahan
  • Drums: Glenn Jones
  • Recorded by: Lesley Modisette
  • Year: Unknown – I think it was around 1994-96? If someone needs post a reply and I’ll update this


  1. Really enjoying it! Thanks for making these wonderfull recordings available for some to remember and others to know.

  2. I’ve been searching for so long for Brother Billy Watson’s video singing “Tell me His Name Again” plus the story he tells about the song. I have written for close to a year now and have not received a response. I would be willing to pay for it, as it was such a blessing to so many I played it for (until it vanished) 🙁


    Would LOVE to view this again!!! God bless !

  3. Sis. Neptune ,
    I would love to buy CDs of The Watson Family Remastered and Sounds of Victory by Greg Howell. I would love to have it in my car to listen to. I have bought your CDs and love them. I go to Brown Trail Gospel Assembly in Hurst.
    Sis Black

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