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UPDATE – Watermelon crew – Interested yet? YOUTH FUNDRAISER

Well…today was great.  As we approached the church we saw the watermelon crew.  You may ask…what is the watermelon crew?  Well, it was some very dedicated young people standing on the corner selling watermelon slices for .50 each.  The watermelon crew made $70.00 selling watermelon slices.  It really was a great day.  As we turned into the church things were buzzing.  Cars were being washed, bar-b-que sandwiches were being sold.  It was a joy just to watch the young people work together.  After all was said and done they made over $500.00…at least that was the last report.  The Little Rock Youth Meeting is going to be awesome!  I just know that the Lord is going to do something very special for our young people.  It’s great to see them work so hard together.  All in all…it was a great day!

1st Posting: Tonight they announced at church that the youth is having a fund-raiser today (Saturday July 11th)  They are starting pretty early and will try to wind it all up by 2:00.  Time enough for the baby shower for Mark & Mylinda Burks at 4:00.   The youth are raising funds to go to the Little Rock Youth Meeting.  They are having a car wash and selling Bar-b-que sandwiches and chips.  Bro. Ray Martin (Little Ray) has volunteered to cook the brisket.  It should be a great day!

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