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GC Church Service – “Living in the Last Days”

Pastor Chad Neptune – Bible teaching on “Living in the Last Days”

from Gospel Chapel Church in Terrell, TX.


GC Bible Class – “Understanding of Law and Grace”

Minister Simeon Mwale teaching on “Law and Grace” from

Gospel Chapel Church in Terrell, TX.


Elder Kenneth Hack Teaching – “A Clear Conscience”


Teaching “The Journey of Forgiveness”


“The Journey of Forgiveness”

  1. We are told about an absolute forgiveness of our sin through the sacrifice Jesus made.
  2. We receive forgiveness of sin.
  3. We experience forgiveness and see the affects of it, in our life.
  4. We develop an attitude of forgiveness towards others through Jesus.
  5. We mature into a Christian who has grown fruit unto the Spirit of Forgiveness.

Published – via GospelChapel.Church

Written by Chad Neptune 06-16-2020



GC Worship Service: Family of A Different Kind


Senior Pastor Doug Kannady “Teaching on 2 Corinthians”


GC Worship Service – “With The High Praises”


GC Worship Service – Bro. Memo Cano: “His Vision of The Body of Christ”


GC Worship Service – “What is God’s Will For My Life in 2020?”


GC Worship Service – “Bro. Brian Voight Preaching on Psalms 63”


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