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Episode 15: “Higher Ground”

Episode 14: Job, The Book of the Resurrection

In Episode 14, recorded on May 15, 2020, Pastor Neptune teaches this message titled “Job – The Book of the Resurrection.” He goes through the story of Job from the perspective of Job himself, as if he were preaching his own life to us in person.  As Job’s trials materialize you will see that he maintained his integrity with God and that God ultimately JUSTIFY’S Job, in his faith.  Pastor Neptune teaches on the resurrection through Job’s eyes and you can see how God is JUST in his actions, while Job is giving us incredible insight into the resurrection itself.

GC Worship Service – “With The High Praises”

GC Worship Service – “Overcoming By The Power of His Spirit”

GC Worship Service – “Lord, My Heart Is Open”

GC Worship Service – “There Is Power in Prayer

GC Worship Service – “Growing Up In The Lord”

GC Worship Service – “Jesus Still Opens Blinded Eyes”

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GC Worship Service – “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”

2017 Live Teaching Series – Bro. Larry Allen on the Resurrection

Bro. Larry Allen teaching on the subject of the resurrection from Gospel Chapel on March 11th & 12th 2017.

Message 1 of 3

Message 2 of 3

Message 3 of 3


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