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GC Church Meeting – “I’ll Never Be The Same Again”

GC Worship Service – “Bro. Brian Voight Preaching on Psalms 63”

GC Worship Service – “An Open Vision”

GC Worship Service – “There Is Power in Prayer

GC Worship Service – “The Canopy of Heaven”

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God WILL Have A People – Archive 2008: Sr. Pastor Doug Kannady

“God will have a people!” Prophecy from 2008 – Sr. Pastor Doug Kannady preaching from Gospel Chapel at the old church on St. Augustine & Scyene Rd.

Download the “The Gift” Album – Worship leader Cheryl Neptune

This was the very FIRST album released by Cheryl Neptune at Gospel Chapel Church in 1996. Now available to purchase and download!

Download on iTunes:

Des Moines, IA International Meeting Videos are up!

The Des Moines website has been updated with the 2009 Video’s from there meeting.  Just  follow the link to watch.

Gospel Assembly – Des Moines, IA

-Bro. Chad

Bro. Gidman – New Jerusalem – Audio Archive

This is a message preached by Bro. Gidman on October 22, 1982 (I was 6 months old when he preached this message and I believe I was actually in this service with my parents!) (more…)

Carry Me Through The Storm – Story behind the song


I wrote the song “Carry Me Through The Storm” in 1998  when I was at my lowest point after losing my mother.  When I went down for prayer one night at church I told God, “You said you wouldn’t give me more than I could bear so you must know that I can do this, so Lord you’ll have to carry me through it.”

A few days later (more…)

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