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2010 DGC Summer Trips

Dallas Gospel Chapel

Summer 2010 Program

Dear Saints and Visitors,

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This program has been booked and all reservations confirmed.  Each child under 17 that is attending will be required to sign the Waiver of Liability form.  Any child traveling under DGC (Dallas Gospel Chapel) supervision will be required to have the Waiver of liability & a Child Travel Consent form completed AND NOTARIZED.  No exceptions in any case.  You may download each off the web on this posting.   Please turn the forms into myself or Kim Neptune. 

We can’t wait to see you and your kiddos there!

God Bless,

Chad Neptune

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Kiddo Trip Creator & Facilitator 

“DGC Planet Lock-In”

June 18th 2010 – We will be staying overnight at “Planet Cheer” located in Forney, TX  and renting the entire facility for various games, basketball, dodge ball, Bible Study, Rock Climbing, Bounce House, Trampolines & lots of food.   The lock-in will start at 10 PM and go until 2:00 AM.  We will be dismissing church early this night to make sure everyone can get there on-time this year.

Fees: This event has been paid for by your donations! No entrance fee.

Location: 12340 FM 2932 Forney, TX 75126 – (972) 564-4672 Located off Hwy 20 & HELMS TRAIL.

Transportation: We will be having all the parents drop the children off and pick them up directly since this is local.

Attire: Make sure to bring play clothes!

An actual picture of the rock climbing wall

“Tyler State Park Trip”

June 30th On this trip we will be going to Tyler State Park.  They have biking trails, hiking, fishing, swimming, and paddle boats at the park.  We have rented 2 separate day use areas that can sit between 75-100 people each One day use area is the actual dining hall that is covered – the walls are not solid though – and has a stove, refrigerator, double sinks, picnic tables surrounding the dining hall, ceiling fans, electricity and water.    We will be going through all the biking trails first thing at 10 am and then eating lunch at noon.  We will be doing a bible study directly after lunch.   The beach area is supervised and very clean and will be open to anyone who wishes to get in the water after lunch or they can go fishing.  We will stay at the park until around 7:30 pm so we will have a full day to really enjoy the park.  We welcome EVERYONE to join us on this trip and we really hope to have everyone from the church be able to attend. (Don’t forget to ask off work ahead of time!)

Fees: $3.00 per person over 13 –  12 and under are free & anyone between the ages of 13 & 17 will be paid for by the money raised and donated by the church.  Parking is free once you pay the entrance fee.   For more information and specific directions to the park please go to http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/tyler/

Transportation: We will be using the bus and (renting vans if needed) for all the children from 3 to 17 and anyone who like to follow may do so.  We will leave from the church (2930 N. ST Augustine Dallas, TX 75227) at 8:00 AM.

Food: Lunch will be provided!  Also, you may want to bring a covered tent and chairs to relax in throughout the day to keep out of the sun.  We will be cooking out hot dogs/burgers for dinner around 5PM and will have chips and cookies as well.  We will be bringing lots of water for all the kiddos. We will provide lunch & dinner.

What to bring: Fishing Poles if you want to fish, bicycles if you want to ride bikes, footballs or any other type or sports you would like to play.  SUNGLASSES!

ATTIRE: Make sure to bring plenty of sun block SPF 35 +!  Children will wear their Summer T-Shirts so we can easily locate them.  If you want to get in the water then make sure you bring Cut-off jeans/shorts below the knees for the doods with t-shirts so you don’t fry to a crisp & Capri’s for the ladies with dark colored t-shirts.   Let’s be Christians!  Don’t forget towels!

“AMF Lanes Bowling – Garland, TX”

July 7th   We will be going to AMF Lanes in Garland, TX (otherwise known as Showplace Lanes).  We will meet at 11 AM and bowl until 1 pm.  

Transportation: We will be having the parents to drive the children to this location for this trip.  It is very close (about 10 minutes from the church). 

Location:  Please visit their website here for directions.

Fees: This trip is paid by your donations and fundraisers for children 3-17.  Any parents who like to play will be on seperate lanes.

“DGC Chapel Service & Pizza”

July 14th   We will be having a chapel service at the church from 10:30 AM until 11:30.  We will be using the Youth/Band Room and then eating Pizza afterwards!

Transportation:  Just bring ’em to the church by 10:30AM and we’ll be finished by 1:30 PM.

Fees: Lunch is paid for by the donations & fundraisers

“Six Flags Over Texas – Arlington, TX”

July 21st The big trip of the year!  We will be taking the bus on this trip as well to Six Flags.  They have multiple rides and shows for all ages.  We are going to need lots of chaperones on this trip and REALLY hope the parents will be able to participate this year in coming.  The park opens at 10:30 AM and we will arrive at the gate by 9:30-9:45 to get through the gates first.  We will not be leaving until 10:00 PM so if you want to leave earlier then plan on driving.

Transportation: We will be leaving at 8:00 AM (sharp) from the church and you need to be at there at 7:30 AM and ready to go.   We are pulling out at 8 o’ clock and if you’re not there then you’ll have to drive to the park (trying to keep forty kids on a bus not going anywhere is crazy!).  We will be taking the bus and probably TWO – 15 passenger vans to get everyone there.  We are going to need a couple of drivers as well.  The kids from ages 3-17 will get priority in the bus to keep them all together.  If you would like to bring your kids in your vehicle and meet us at the gate you are welcome to but PLEASE let me know ahead of time so we can find you.  If you are planning on attending we ask you get a t-shirt so we can locate your children if they decide to go with a particular group.

FEES: Children ages 2 and under are free at the park.  Ages 3-17 will be paid for by your donations and fund raisers.  Everyone else will be required to pay their own fee.  If you would like to get the group rate of $24.50 per ticket you MUST have your money into Kim Neptune (church secretary) by 06-30-2010 because we will be purchasing the tickets by the 07-05-10 to receive the $24.50 price vs. $26.99 per ticket.   You may purchase your tickets at the gate on the morning of the trip at the regular price or whatever price you can get if you find a coupon.

Attire: Again, make sure you bring sun block SPF 35+.   We want to make sure all the kiddos have the Summer T-Shirts on so we can keep everyone in the groups together.

Here is a video of my favorite roller coaster at the park – Bro. Chad

“Watermelon Outdoor Talent Show & Chapel Service”

 August 14th  (Saturday Evening)  This will be last event of the summer for 2010.   We will have a stage setup with full-sound for this event at the church.  We will be having an evening of Worship, talent showcasing of our little ones, and a full-out watermelon eating contest.  We will start the festivities around 5 PM.  We would like to encourage parents to work with your children on what talent they would like to present at the show! Following the watermelon eating contest & Talent Show we will end the summer with prayer and a worship service.  

Attire:  Casual

Food:  We will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers and all the fixins! 

Here are the forms needed for you child to participate

Waiver of Liability – MALE Waiver of Liability -FEMALE Child Travel Consent and Medical Release – FEMALE

Child Travel Consent and Medical Release – MALE


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