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Summer Vacation is coming!!! SOON!!!

We will be having the first meeting to solitify the dates for the Summer Vacation events this year Sunday after church.  As soon as we dismiss this Sunday we will have all the parents and kiddos meet to go over the schedule and fundraising ideas for this years program.   Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

First trip:  Lock-in at local recreation center  (games, basketball, food, bible study)lockin


Second trip:  Tyler State Park (Biking, Fishing, Paddle Boats, & Swimming) – just a single day (no overnight stay)


Third trip: Six Flags over Texas!siflags


Fourth trip:  Hosting a local youth meeting – All of the youth will be cooking and preparing the food, taking care of the parking and doing all the clean-up!youthweek


Fifth trip:  Art day to create a collage with all the photos from the prior trips and a trip to Taco Bell.


I am open to ideas and I would love to start a discussion thread on this topic.  We are going to needs lots of help this year from all the parents and saints!   We are going to solitify these dates very quickly so everyone can plan to take off the days needed to attend.  Thanks for all the help last year.   I know this year will be a great success and a lot of fun.   We are going to get to bring Noah and Jayda along this year as well.
-Bro. Chad


  1. OH! and let me or Andrew know when yall plan on going to Six Flags.. maybe we could plan for our youth to come down too.

    • I will let ya’ll know the dates for the trips. I’ll update this post after we have the meeting this Sunday. The bigger the group – the lower the rate so that would awesome if ya’ll came!

  2. Blessing, my name is sis marsha, i attend the Body of Christ Church in the Bahamas Bro Martin is our Pastor. i’ve been seeking the Lord on working with the younger kids in the assembly this summer i feel
    the need to have two weeks of Vaction Bible School this Summer and really i have no idea where to start. this Publication on your Summer vaction for youth came in handy for me so i just though to ask for help.
    i’ve follow the dallas gospel chapel web site for quite some time, i remmber when your page was like the Tyler’s assembly UNDER CONSTRUCTION so please if you can help me in this i would be greatful

    • Hi Sis. Bethel,

      You know I don’t really have any books or material that I use. We actually do more like “Trips” rather than a Vacation Bible School. Last year we visited a musuem and then went to a local park for a day and then had a chapel service. I know that if we lived down there we would probably goto a beach somewhere but I’m sure ya’ll do that so much it wouldn’t be anything “Special”. Just think up a few ideas. One of the things you can do is a “lock in” and that is just finding a Gymnasium or you can even use the church dining room and stay up all night long and plan out games, bible studies, and food and keep them up all night! It’s a blast! I hope this helps and I really don’t know what all there is to do down there but you want to start planning soon that way you’ll have time to raise money and give the parents time to ask off if they need to. I hope this helps!
      -Bro. Chad

      • thanks Brother it’s a help this is how we grow a little bit here and little bit there time as the end of this month i’ll have it together.

        Love you easter special it was great!!!

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