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  1. I liked Bro. David More’s talk on the fruit of the spirit. We need to hear more on this subject. This is what God wants from us. If we have and practice these things we will be what God wants. It’s not about how we dress, or how we wear our hair, or where we live, or what color we are, That is the outside. He wants our insides to be like him. Alot of people and churches are alot like the scribs and pharisees. We don’t kneed more laws we need the spirit of God in us. God bless you for alowing Bro. David More speak on this subject. Hope to hear more on it.

  2. I enjoyed Bro. Dennis Moel, It was very interesting. Thank you so much that I can come on my computer and have a meeting, and a learning of God’s word. Thank you so much. God bless all

  3. I am glad God judges me with his grace and mercy, and not man. If man judged me I would have been stoned by now. God loves me and Iam glad. God bless to all. I loved the song the sparrow.

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