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Beginner Band – Music Theory Starting Soon – ON THE WEB!

Want to learn to play music for the Lord?


I am starting a new site at DGC Online Band that is dedicated to teaching music theory and learning to play an instrument in church.  We will be starting up online classes each Wednesday and Thursday night that will be live video streaming QnA on the new site.  We will be providing all the documentation and with the help of several fantastic music teachers here in Dallas you’ll be able to play an instrument  and worship the Lord through music in a few months.  This idea came about because we have people that live an hour or more from the church. We needed to be able to teach them more than once a week without having to meet at a central location, so we thought we would open this up for anyone who would like to learn since we can stream the classes over the web and provide the necessary materials as well.  The membership to this site is completely free and open.  We are still getting the dates together but it should startup sometime soon.  This a volunteer effort for the Lord and if you would like to loan your talent and time to help it would be much appreciated!

Bro. Chad Neptune

Network Creator – Makethebride


(When you sign up just use your current MaketheBride login)


  1. Hey Bro. Chad,
    How do I get the Band Theory? I have been looking for a good theory to start our beginner’s band in Greensburg, La.
    Thank You
    Lori Landers

  2. Hello enjoyed the meeting. Someone had told me about the music lessons which I’m interested in also how to join make the bride. Thanks sis benfield

    • Bro. Chad I’m having problems with getting that web page. An error box comes up and. Know that I’ve got the right address. Is anyone else having that problem. Thanks sis benfield

  3. Bro. Chad thank you so very much for getting the Dallas meeting on line. It has been such a blessing! Had a little trouble at first, but everything is fine now. I know a lot of work goes into these things and just wanted you to know it is appreciated.

    Sis. Heathman

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