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DGC Chuckwagon Cookout Photos!

Thanks everyone for coming today! We have a lot of people we got to meet for the first time!  Bless the Lord!  View this post to see all the pictures… We have many many to post tomorrow of Monday


  1. Thank you so much for hosting the chuckwagon cookout and youth service! The spirit of the Lord was felt so strongly in that service. Chad, or Bro. Chad rather (lol) I know the Lord can heal the mass on your right kidney. He’s healed so many of cancer, and I know he’s well able to heal you. Like Krista said, God can do anything with ANYTHING! And He’s used yall to bless us and for that we all are forever thankful. I appreciate you standing up for all of us to see and saying you wanted to know you did everything you could to help us. That really touched my heart, I appreciate you and Kim and yalls commitment to the Lord. And a special bonus was when that fuse caused the lights to go out. I talked to some people and we all agree that the lights going out helped us focus on our connection with the Lord and we were able listen and hear Him speak to us. I am very thankful for the Dallas church, everytime I visit it feels like home and I always feel yalls love. I’m continuing to pray for you and your family. God bless 🙂

  2. What a day!! Thank all of you for your hard work and dedication for the service of the Lord. We will all be reaping the benefits from the labor of love that all of you at Dallas Gospel Chapel have done. The Nacogdoches Assembly truly appreciates all of you and pray that that Lord will continue to bless the DGC. There are no words to express or describe the beauty of “the night that the lights went out in Dallas.”

  3. That was such a great night at church, we where just wondering do y’all have a video of that service, although the lights did go out. Do you think y’all have one?

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